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Are You Looking For Landscape Maintenance Services?

If you are looking for reliable and high quality landscape maintenance services, we believe that we have everything you could need. At AJW Ltd, we work hard to provide you with everything you need to be comfortable and confident that your grounds are being kept in great condition. We can be on hand to provide advice with regards to your grounds and we offer full maintenance services. We can even provide design services for people looking to develop their grounds into a more stylish area.

We know that landscape maintenance services are required by a wide range of people and businesses. This is why we are delighted to work with customers of all shapes and sizes. We also offer a wide range of prices and services, so no matter what your budget is, we believe that we are perfectly placed to provide you with what you are looking for. We find that we most commonly work on large areas such as public grounds or estate and our landscape maintenance services make the management of these areas better. We know that in the current economic climate, it can be difficult for firms or individuals to justify hiring professionals but we believe we offer a number of benefits.

Company Reputation

No matter what firm you hire, you should look to hire a firm with a strong reputation for their line of expertise. At AJW Ltd, we are very pleased to say that we have an excellent reputation when it comes to landscaping maintenance services. We can provide testimonials and positive feedback from a wide range of clients. We are able to provide your grounds with the care and attention it needs to reflect well on yourself or your business.

Pricing & Expertise

It is important to obtain value for money at all times and this is something that we are focused on at AJW Ltd. We know that there are some landscape services available at a cheaper price but the quality and consistency of these services cannot always be relied upon. We offer expertise and experience that allows you to focus on other matters without worrying about your grounds or garden. We believe that the cheapest quote is sometimes a false economy and we believe that in the long run, we can offer a service that is justified and will leave every customer feeling satisfied. We have services and packages for all customer sizes and budgets.


When it comes to finding a good landscape maintenance firm, you need them to be available when you need them. This is an area where we excel at AJW Ltd. We have a team of employees who are more than happy to schedule your work in as required, to ensure you get the service you require. Developing a regular maintenance schedule will lessen the amount of major renovation work that has to be carried out and we believe the way we work will bring benefits to your grounds for many years to come.

Landscape maintenance services can be of benefit in many ways. It can allow you more time to focus on other tasks and it can provide you with grounds that you are proud of. Whether you are keen to impress yourself or impress others, having well maintained grounds will always be of benefit. At AJW Ltd, we can combine stylish grounds with a safety aspect to ensure that everyone can enjoy what is on offer on your premises.

We know that maintaining your grounds or garden is not always at the forefront of your thoughts, which is why it is best left to the professionals. At AJW Ltd, we are more than happy to take control of your garden and grounds. This ensures you have a stylish and well-cared for grounds, while you can focus your time, energy and focus on other matters. If you would like to learn more about how AJW Ltd can help you, please get in touch.

Check out www.landscapingandweedcontrol.co.uk/ or call us on 01494 882 492 for landscape maintenance services that are right for your needs, your budget and your timescale.


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