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Private Clients

When it comes to dealing with a broad range of clients, at AJW Ltd, we are delighted to say that we have confidence in providing you with the service you deserve. We have been operating for more than 20 years and in that time, we have worked with an extensive list of clients. While we have provided services to local authorities, commercial businesses and industrial companies, we have also worked with private clients. We are able to provide a wide range of landscaping and gardening services to families and individuals. Whether you have a large estate or you stay in a modest residential home, we are more than happy to ensure it looks in great condition all year round.

At AJW Ltd, we offer an extensive range of gardening services and we believe we offer a fantastic level of value for money. We aim to offer a competitive price and service that will provide viable options for all clients. If you would like to learn more about the residential landscaping services we offer, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs. We offer a free no obligations quote to our clients and we can carry out a survey at your property to determine what services you require from us. No matter the size of your property, we are confident we can provide you with an effective level of gardening services.

Maintain or improve the value of your property with gardening services

In the current economic climate, maintaining or improving the value of your property is essential. We are pleased to say that we offer a range of services that can help in this manner. Whether you are keen for your garden to be as attractive as possible to impress yourself, your neighbours or any potential buyers, we can provide you with the services that we require. We offer an extensive range of residential landscaping services, including:

  1. Lawn maintenance
  2. Hedge trimming
  3. Gardening at all levels
  4. Bed and flower installation and maintenance
  5. Weed control
  6. Pest control

We believe that these services will be more than enough for the majority of our clients but if you feel you would benefit from other services, we are more than happy to hear from you. At AJW Ltd, we are focused on providing a bespoke and tailored service for all of our clients and we are always happy to work to your requests or requirements.

There is no gardening too big or too small for AJW Ltd

We don’t place too much importance on the size of a garden or the scale of the job. Some firms will consider some jobs too big to handle to too little to worry about but this is not the way we approach business at AJW Ltd. We believe that every job comes about because a client is in need of assistance, and regardless of size, it is our role to provide the customer with what they need. Whether you require a simple gardening service to maintain the condition of your property or you are keen to resurface your entire property, we are more than happy to help and we are here to assist.

We aim to offer all of our services at a competitive and effective price. We believe that value for money is always important but in the current economic climate, it is fundamental. With a range of bespoke gardening services, you can feel confident that you only pay for what you need when it comes to hiring AJW Ltd.
If you would like to learn more about our residential landscaping services, our gardening services or you want to find out more about how we can help you and your property, please get in touch. At AJW Ltd, we are focused on offering a high level service to all customers and we are keen to ensure you have a garden you are proud of.

Landscaping/ Maintenance

With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the landscaping industry, we can provide you with the best service and guidance when it comes to delivering your project.


Weed Control

We know the importance of creating a positive first impression which is why controlling weeds is essential for many firms. We provide one of the most effective and efficient weed control services UK firms can benefit from.


Artificial Grass

If your thoughts of artificial lawns relate to surfaces you experienced years ago, it may be that you are out of touch with the current level of high quality artificial lawns.