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Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

There is no getting away from the fact that first impressions count for an awful lot in business. This means you want clients and potential customers to be impressed with you from the very first moment. For a number of firms, this means that the welcome area to your premises must be of good standard and welcoming to clients. Considering that the first thing that clients will see is the external area of your premises, there is a need to focus on the outside as much as the inside. This is where AJW Ltd is here to help as provide a comprehensive range of commercial landscaping and maintenance services.

We have more than twenty years of experience in the landscaping industry and we have worked with commercial businesses of all shapes and sizes. We have received considerable feedback over the years and we are very pleased to say that we have developed strong business relationships with many of the firms we work with. At AJW Ltd, we aim to offer effective and efficient landscaping services that will help your business to develop the image you need. We can provide a bespoke solution that is tailored to your needs so if you are keen to make a positive first impression, let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

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Hatfield Galleria - Before             Hatfield Galleria - After

We offer a range of commercial landscaping services that will ensure that firms of all sizes will find a solution for their needs. We also aim to offer a range of services at all price levels so no matter what your budget for landscaping is, we aim to offer you with a solution that meets your needs. As we provide a bespoke service, we believe that you get the highest return for your money. A landscaping service that is completely tailored to your needs will ensure you only pay for the services you need and require.

Our range of commercial landscaping services includes:

  1. Hard landscaping services
  2. Industrial landscaping services
  3. Grounds maintenance services
  4. Gardening services

Hard Landscaping

When it comes to the most effective hard landscaping UK firms can choose from, we believe we offer the most comprehensive range of services. It is important to not overlook areas like paths, pavements and kerbs when you improve the quality of your premises. Businesses that only focuses on the grass or natural elements of their premises will leave themselves open to having areas that let them down. It is essential to ensure that all elements of your premises look as stylish and add something to the overall appearance of your property. At AJW Ltd, we can provide you with a range of hardscaping packages that will impress your clients.

Industrial Landscaping

Many industrial firms will overlook their exterior premises and the overall impact this can have on their business. We aim to impress on you the importance of creating the right impression as quickly as possible. We are keen to work with your firm to ensure that we can offer landscaping services that tie in with your business identity but which will also impress clients. When it comes to making a good first impression, you rarely get a second chance and this is why AJW Ltd is here to help you. 

We offer a free no obligations quote so if you would like us to visit you and offer guidance on how landscaping services will boost your business, we would be delighted to do so. In the current economic climate, it is crucial for businesses to gain an advantage anyway that they can. We believe our services will place your business in a good light while providing fantastic value for money. When it comes to promoting yourself as a company that can be relied upon, you need to offer quality at all times. Hiring AJW Ltd to provide landscaping services will ensure your business looks great at all times.

Landscaping/ Maintenance

With more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the landscaping industry, we can provide you with the best service and guidance when it comes to delivering your project.


Weed Control

We know the importance of creating a positive first impression which is why controlling weeds is essential for many firms. We provide one of the most effective and efficient weed control services UK firms can benefit from.


Artificial Grass

If your thoughts of artificial lawns relate to surfaces you experienced years ago, it may be that you are out of touch with the current level of high quality artificial lawns.